Business name registration services

Business Name Registrations in Kenya are registered under the Business Names Act. This is the most common business registration process for small businesses in Kenya. A Business name registration is normally registered for a single line or single nature of Business or a specific Business as opposed to a limited company where you may conduct multiple objectives or lines of business.

Patel business takes you through the business name search and business name registration process effectively and without hassle.


1. The Proposed Business names for search and reservation.
2. The nature of Business. One activity the business shall undertake.
3. Names of the Proprietor/s in Full.
4. Postal address for the Business Name.
5. Proposed Physical address of the Business. Address includes Name of road, Plot number, town, county.
6. Copy of ID or Passport of the Proprietor or Partners.
7. Passport photo of the Proprietor/s.
8. Email address of the Business different from that of the proprietors.
9. Residential Physical address of the proprietor or partners.

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