NCA registration and renewal

The National Construction Authority (NCA), constituted under the Act No. 41 of 2011 is responsible for registering contractors in Kenya. NCA is a government body instituted in 2011 to regulate, streamline and build capacity in the construction industry in Kenya.

Patel business takes care of the hustle involved in registering and processing the NCA accreditation. As a practicing contractor, you have to renew your license annually failure to which you are fined 3 times the renewal fee.


1. National ID card or passport
2. Coloured passport photograph.
3. A certificate of incorporation issued by the Registrar of Companies having registered your company.
4. A CR 12 Document
5. Academic certificates from accredited training centres for qualified directors.
6. Valid PIN, VAT and Tax compliance certificates from the KRA.
7. Company’s bank account
8. The registration fees which vary with the category you want, starting from Ksh 5,000.

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